Connotation of Ainu language
Connotation of Ainu language orig: 97/08/27
When I say that a Japanese ancient language would have been something close to Ainese, my friends are often confused. In some instances, they appear to feel easier to accept my hypothesis if I use "Jomon language" instead of Ainese.

Jomon era is considered to burgeon somewhere around 10,000 years ago and shifted to (or replaced by) Yayoi era around BC to AD changeover. Given that native people were invaded by the royal family, highly simplified understanding can be that Jomon people were invaded by Yayoi people. In this context, indeed, I am talking that Jomon language may have survived 2000 years since the invasion, resulting in the recent Ainu langauge.

A big remains was found in Aomori prefecture, the nortern most prefecture in the Main Island. It is called San-nai Maru-yama remains that has kept important historical findings for over 5,000 years. A group of witful scholars "created" a Jomon language for a fun. I'd like to introduce their attempt with my attempts to determine derivation of those words in the next page.[Excuse me, the attempt may not be for a fun. Scholars appear to be serious.(99/05/21)]

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