Evolution of Japanese and Ainu
orig: 98/09/01

Following is my IMAGE of how Japanese and Ainu languages would have evolved, in relation to Jomon and Yayoi languages.
ŞAREAĞ Immigrants Language Inter-action between Immigrant Language and Jomon Language made Yayoi Language
Jomon Jomon Yayoi . . Japanese
Jomon Jomon . . . .
Jomon Jomon . . . RyukyuH
Jomon Jomon Jomon . . Ainu
Old İTIME¨ New

I've been inclined to believe that Jomon language was the very base of Japanese language. Around 300 BC, immigrants started entering Japan's archpelago. Immigrants' language and Jomon language inter-acted to create Yayoi language of which decendent is Japanese. Jomon language with minimum influence from immigrants, evolved as Ainu. Position of Ryukyu (say, Okinawa) languages is yet to be studied.

    Above assumption is relatively consistent with recent anthropological findings as briefly introduced in Page 11.
Bear in mind that immigrants above mentioned are referring to those which started entering Japan archpelago approximately between 300BC and 300AD. Before and after the period, various people might have come to the islands. I treated as if Jomon people was the original people. It is not clear. People of 20,000 years ago is much harder to discuss. For approximate age dating, please refer to Page 8

Above "colored tile" presentation is my attempt to show relationships among Jomon, Yayoi, immigrants', Japanese, Ainu and possible Ryukyu languages.

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