Ainu language and Japan's Ancient History

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Position Paper March 2001 and its continuation, ONOKORO-JIMA island.
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Found an English translation of a good book about Ainu language. Original authored by Suzuko TAMURA in Japanese. Click here for more information.

Position Paper March 2001Ainu as a descendent language of Jomon Language. Old Japanese contains some Jomon elements.Based on old/Ainu tales. 2001/03/13
A Kojiki tale interpretted in Ainu discloses a shining charm.As a continuation to above Position Paper.Based on old/Ainu tales. 2001/04/10
Dr. Kazuro Hanihara's "Dual Structure Model" is briefly presented in English.While his theory of Jomon's further origin is questioned, his theory of invading people dividing Jomon residents to north and south is highly regarded.
Links to Jomon HP'sKeyword "Jomon+Pottery" found these links, to HP in English.Links confirmed on 2000/10/19
Leading anthropologist's site "Origin of Japanese people" presented in English.Highly recommendable site.[URL updated 2000/10/12]
page 7c Gm Blood Type Theory by Dr. Matsumoto, in EnglishA link to Japan's Gene Database2000/08/09
page 19 Ainu belongs to Mongoloid; once againFrom NHK TV program and others. 2000/08/05
page 17b Ainu word in Old Japanese history: a person with a tail?From Jinmu chapter of Nihon-shoki. 99/04/09
page 18 Katsura tree, a symbol of deity descent?Hints from Kojiki, Nihon-shoki and Fudoki. 99/04/02
page 17 Old Place Name called "Iware"From Jinmu chapter of Nihon-shoki. 99/03/31
page 16 Oldest PavementFrom Jomon site in Niigata. 98/11/08
page 15 Japan's earliest human activity 700,000 years agoOldest stone product found in northern Honshu. 98/11/08It was a fake! 2000-11-05
Page 14: Ainu's Yukar and its writersIntroduction to the vast Yukar world98/09/08
Page 13: Evolution of Japanese and Ainu LanguagesJomon Language as base of Japanese and Ainu languages 98/09/01
Page 12: Race and Language Was Jomon Language influenced by Okhotsk? 98/06/26
Page 11: Recent Anthropological FindingsMitochondria DNA or ATL virus studies. 98/06/06
Pages 10,10a,10b: Introduction to works of Shichiro MURAYAMA (1908-1995)Linguist's view of Ainu as related to Austronesian. 98/05/07
Appendix 1Selected Ainu Words
page 9Why Japanese take February 11 off? : Rev. 2001/02/09
page 8 Jomon & YayoiWhen is Jomon? & Japan's Paleo-lithic Age
Correction & Kofun link added:98/09/17
page 8a Links to other Jomon sitesFor photos of Jomon clay products
page 7Is Ainu, Caucasian? No.
page 7aGm blood type
page 7bIs Ainu an Altai language? No. Rev:98/03/01
page 6My favorite Ainu language researchers
page 5Jomon Language play
page 4Connotation of Ainu language
page 3Notes on Kanji
page 2Sample Ainu Words in Japanese Ancient History
page 1Japanese Ancient History and Ainu Language
Thanks for Kind Mails Part-5Selected mails and responses2000/02/05
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