The Ainu Language, a book
The Ainu Language, by Suzuko TAMURA
orig: 2001/04/03

Suzuko TAMURA, a researchig professor at Waseda University, Tokyo, was a writer about the Ainu language in Sanseido's World Language Encycropedia, written in Japanese.

Among hudreds of languages collected therein, the publisher has made available Ainu, Japanese and Ryukyu languages only extracted from the thick volume. The extracted version is in my book shelf, giving lots of knowledge about the Ainu language.

Now, the Ainu language part only has been translated into English and published by the company. The table of contents follows.

1 Introduction
2 History of Ainu Studies
3 Phonology
4 Syntactic Elements and Syntax
5 Word Formation
6 Methods of Expression
7 Vocabulary
8 Place Names
9 Literature
10 Anotated Bibliography
292 pages.

Priced at 3,000 yen + Japanese consumption tax, 5% at this writing. For information: Estimated air parcel to the Americas 1,050 yen, Asia 900 yen and Europe/Africa 1,400 yen.

I intend to continue this kind of writing, as audiences hopefully grow. Your kind comments from the mail-form will highly encourage the writer. Thank you.
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