Is Ainu, Caucasian? No.
Is Ainu, Caucasian? No.
#Further details on Gm blood type.
#Is Ainu an Altai language? No.
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While web-surfing, I have found a couple of sites where Ainu was described as Caucasian. That belief was strongly supported by Professor S. KODAMA of Hokkaido University. However, his foundation was weak, at best. It was more of "impression" than anything else. (Ref. K. HANIHARA's "Origin of Japanese", 1994, Asahi Simbun, at page 209)

Hideo MATSUMOTO, ex-president of Osaka Medical University, researched Gm blood type of people world-wide (with cooperation of many overseas researchers) and determined that certain blood types are pariticular to the blacks, the whites and so-called Mongoloids. Ainu people were determined to have Mongoloid types. No blood type specific to white people was found in Ainu samples. (Ref. Where did Japanese come from?, NHK Books #652) Details at page 7A.

To me, this singly is enough to negate that Ainu is Caucasian.

Kazuo HANIHARA, a contemporary anthropologist, wrote above referenced book in which he introduced his research of head bones from old remains. He also made clear that Ainu and Japanese belong to a same "race", even though they may be different as "people." (p209-210) According to the author, other studies by K. Omoto, S. Misawa, K. Mitsuhashi or T. Ymaguchi support his conclusion.

I wrote this brief memo in a quick attempt to urge inquiring mind of readers of the web pages that may say Ainu is Caucasian.

Thank you.

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